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Blizzard ran a promotion called the "Challenge of the Diableards" that was slated to run from 8/24/2011 to the release of Diablo 3.

Information[edit | edit source]

From the announcement on the Diablo 3 community blog[1]:

It’s time for a challenge... not a challenge of will, or of strength, or to drink a gallon of milk. This is a challenge of follicular fortitude.

It’s time to grow a beard.

Over the past six months, many members of the Diablo III development team have risen to this challenge themselves – and while you may have some catching up to do, the goal remains the same: grow and maintain the most awe-inspiring Diableard you can, and don't shave it off until the day Diablo III is released.

Diableards of the Diablo 3 development team[edit | edit source]

Along with the announcement, Blizzard provided images of Diableards being grown by the development team as inspiration. They appear in the gallery below.

Fan Diableards[edit | edit source]

A number of fans submitted images of their Diableards, some of which were re-tweeted by @Diablo.

Diablstache? Diabloustache? Mephistache?[edit | edit source]

Bashiok's moustache or... Mephistache?

A fan inquired about the possibility of growing a moustache for the contest instead of a beard, to which @Diablo replied[2]:

In response to the Diableard contest, can we modify it to the Diablstache? In commemoration of Bashiok’s mighty visage, ofc. #diablo –NocturneGS

Bashiok is also now growing a beard in honor of the challenge. Its patchiness is only matched by its slow rate of growth. –@Diablo

Bashiok (Micah Whipple) has garnered a reputation in the Diablo community for his impressive moustache. See the accompanying image to the right.

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