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This cinematic was released at Blizzcon in October 2008. It introduces the Wizard character, and shows off some of the monsters and dungeons beneath the Tristram Cathedral, culminating in a showdown with the undead spirit Leoric, the Skeleton King. Gameplay footage is mixed into the production.

This is not a true pre-rendered cinematic from the Blizzard Cinematics Department. It, like the Monk intro cinematic was produced using the Diablo 3 game engine, machinima style.

Wizard Cinematic[edit]

Visit Blizzard's movies page for links to download this one in higher quality.

The version below is embedded from the Diablo3Inc channel on

Additional Information[edit]

The female Wizard.

Numerous monsters, locations, and characters are shown in this movie. Click the following links for more information on many of them.


Many dozens of high quality screenshots from this movie can be seen in the Image Gallery. One example is attached below.

The Wizard boldly approaches the Tristram Cathedral.

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