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The Hero or Heroes that sometimes are mentioned are the protagonists in the Diablo games' story lines - The Player Characters.

Background[edit | edit source]

Each Hero or group of Heroes are different, unnamed men and women who steps up to do what is needed to defeat the forces of darkness.

Over 20 years ago, many volunteered to try and help Tristram from its demonically invaded Cathedral, but only one many survived. A mighty warrior rumoured to be named Qarak slew Diablo, and set off to travel East in order to find a way to banish the demon from the mortal plane for ever.

However, he succumbed to the powers of Diablo, and became his new vessel. As the Dark Wanderer, he continued East to free his brothers Baal and Mephisto from their own prisons.

Another group of Heroes arrived. Their names are to this date unknown. They were of disperse backgrounds and skills. They are rumoured to have been , a Barbarian from the northern plains, a Paladin from Westmarch, a Sorceress from the mighty Zann Esu mage-clan, a Necromancer from the jungles of the East, an Amazon warrior from the Skovos Isles, an mage-killing Assassin and the long lost brothers of the Barbarians, a Druid of Scosglen.

Together they pursued the Prime Evils, and killed them all, except Baal, who had made it for Mount Arreat. While they eventually caught up with him and slew the demon, he had already corrupted the Worldstone hidden within the mountain, and Tyrael the Archangel said it had to be destroyed.

Tyrael destroyed the massive stone, and everyone awaited another demonic invasion. Nothing happened, and nothing has happened for 20 years, until a Meteor has been sighted in the skies...

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Canonity[edit | edit source]

It's confirmed to be canon info that the Warrior from Diablo I went to become the Dark Wanderer, the Rogue became the character known as Blood Raven, and the Sorcerer named The Summoner.

Out of the Diablo II heroes, only the Barbarian has a known life after the demonic fights, as that very same character is returning in Diablo III.

The name of the Dark Wanderer as Qarak is not confirmed, and only mentioned in the Diablo PnP RPG.

References[edit | edit source]