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Sarnakyle was a dark-skinned man with a bushy goatee, dressed in light-red robes. Sarnakyle was a Vizjerei mage of the Spirit Clan. He had deep knowledge about demons, and has also fought them. Sarnakyle was one of the Vizjerei that helped kill Bartuc, the Warlord of Blood during the Sin War.

He loved the city of Viz-jun, but considered there was nothing like living in the country. He decided to travel the world of Sanctuary to learn and experience new things. This is how he met Siggard near Entsteig, and helped him defeat the demonic forces that destroyed Blackmarch and other nearby villages.

After many years of fighting in the Sin War, he returns to the East to school the other mage clans in elemental magic. After doing so, he wanders around the world and is not heard of again. He is known in legend as the Red Wizard. The vizjerei think that on a day of great need, the legendary Red Wizard will come to their aid.

Reference[edit | edit source]

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