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The Borderlands area of Kehjistan is located outside of Caldeum and mostly consists of desert.

Background[edit | edit source]

Borderlands in daytime.

The Borderlands have a burning yellow landscape and miles of barren sand roiling with terrible wildlife.

The Borderlands were originally devoid of any but the most hardened (some would say crazed) prospectors until the great military city of Lut Bahadur (literally, "city of the gate") was built to keep the Lacuni (cat people) in their cliff dwellings safely away from Caldeum.

Lut Bahadur's solitary watch over the desolate wastes came to an end four hundred years ago when precious ore was discovered in the region known as the Stinging Winds. The town of Alcarnus was quickly established as the centre of all mining in the area, with several other smaller settlements springing up in its wake. When the Dahlgur oasis was discovered and a third town was erected there, Caldeum's dominance over the Borderlands was complete. The Borderlands could reliably depend on fresh supplies of food and water from Dahlgur's caravans, protected by the might of Caldeum's Dune Guard.

Borderlands during night.

When Hakan II took over the throne from his father, the young inexperienced sovereign saw fit to withdraw the support of Caldeum from the wastes and leave those who live there to their own devices. Now, no caravan is safe, and refugees from the Borderlands beat against the gates of Caldeum in an endless wave of displaced humanity, desperate for the salvation our city once provided.

The refugees talk of horror stories from the desert, and about a secret cult intent on raising a demonic army.

Besides dangerous animals and demonic monsters, the land is populated with tiny desert creatures, snakes and insects, that are less dangerous.

Areas Within the Borderlands[edit | edit source]

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