Caldeum Bandit Camp

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The Caldeum Bandit Camp is an town/level apparently located in the Act Two desert, no doubt somewhere near Caldeum. It is not confirmed as an area players will see in Diablo III, but there is artwork showing the exterior of the walled town, as well as several interior views.

Nothing is known about the area other than what can be seen in the concept artwork. The settlement is fairly permanent, with a strong wall for protection, numerous windmills (presumably driving pumps to draw water up from wells), brick and adobe structures, and numerous canopies strung overhead for protection from the fierce sun.

The Camp[edit | edit source]

The name, "bandit camp" suggests that it is some sort of outlaw settlement, perhaps populated by rebels who are pitted against the ruling leadership of Caldeum. The best views of the area can be seen below.

The main exterior view, with the name clearly labeled.
Possibly a view from inside the town.

Gallery[edit | edit source]