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A sovereign is a stretch of land or a selection of existence on some plane that is under the control of a particular race or faction. In human terms, this is empires, kingdoms or city-states.

DiabloWiki Term[edit | edit source]

In terms of the Diablo Wiki, "sovereigns" include really any area that is under the specific control of a specific race or faction. If they have the power in an area, they have sovereign power over it, and it's by those terms defined as theirs, even if it's occupied, destroyed, or perhaps not considered a physical "area" in as much a way as a "plane" or "realm".

In most cases, a sovereign does not stretch an entire realm, plane or planet.

Please note that some sovereigns may also be a settlement, and they are both considered a location.

The reason that "sovereign" is used to describe "countries", "empires", "kingdoms", or general areas of control is that it can apply to regular human countries, the High Heavens or the Burning Hells without having to use multiple terms to define them all. Especially considering that there seems to be multiple Hells and multiple Heavens, things could get quite complex.