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DiabloWiki.net is the largest information source for Diablo-related topics on the internet. Many pages use the old system from Diablo: IncGamers, where very long pages are used instead of classic wiki-style with shorter, well interlinked pages.

Background[edit | edit source]

Website [e]
Type of site: Wiki
Language: English
Registration: Free to use, register to edit
Owner: Created by Diii.net to promote all contributing sites.
Created by: Elly & Rushster
Launched: 2007
Internet rank: ~69k
Current status: Active

DiabloWiki was originally created from the plentiful material from Diablo: IncGamers (previously diabloii.net/diii.net), but has grown on its own since then, from user contributions.

The information is split over two domains:

  • DiabloWiki.net - The wiki for Diablo 3, lore, novels, merchandise, archives and fan creativity.
  • Diablo2.DiabloWiki.net - The wiki specializing in Diablo 2 and Diablo 1, including a library of Diablo 2 game guides.

Philosophy[edit | edit source]

DiabloWiki is hosted by Diablo: IncGamers, but its purpose is to be neutral amongst sites, and any contributing website can be part of it. This includes being linked in menus and even have their own ads running on the site, depending on the level of involvement a site wishes to have with the wiki.

The wiki is not using the rel="nofollow" variable on external links that wikis normally do to make sure contributing websites get not only the link, but also the associated Google Page Rank. Instead the members manually removes any spam that might appear on the wiki.

Staff[edit | edit source]

The "staff" consists of hundreds of editors, but the main staff of the wiki is:

  • Flux - Main editor and also adds content and helps with managing the wiki.
  • Elly - Administrator. Deals with making sure the wiki runs smoothly.
  • Rushster - Administrator. Deals with the technical aspects of the wiki.
  • Holyknight3000 - Fan creation community manager and editor. Leads the initiative to encourage fan creativity within the community.

References[edit | edit source]