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A settlement is an area populated by humans or other races.

DiabloWiki Term[edit | edit source]

In terms of the Diablo Wiki, "settlements" include any somewhat inhabited outpost, hamlet, town, city, metropolis, castle, keep or the like. Please note that some outposts, castles and keeps might also be a structure, and they are both considered a location.

The reason that "settlement" is used to describe congregation of sentient beings is that it can apply to regular human cities, angel fortifications or demon castles without having to use multiple terms to define them all.

Towns[edit | edit source]

The main distinction here is that the term "town" is used frequently in the Diablo games to describe the "safe area" that players visit to heal up or visit vendors to sell their loot.

All Settlements[edit | edit source]

For an always up-to-date list of all known settlements in the world of Sanctuary (and beyond), check out the Settlements category:

Settlements and other locations can also be seen in the navigation here below, which is updated manually.