Tavern of the Rising Sun

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The Tavern of the Rising Sun was the only inn and tavern in Tristram, 20 years ago, before the demonic invasion of the Tristram Cathedral.

Background[edit | edit source]

The inn in Tristram had been there for decades when the town was overrun by demons, and it was burned to the ground.

Now a burnt out shell

Ogden had owned and been running the Rising Sun Inn and Tavern for almost four years before the hero who later destroyed Diablo arrived. He purchased it just a few short months before everything started to go sour in Tristram.

He and his wife Garda did not have the money to leave as they invested all they had in making a life for themselves in Khanduras. He was considered a good man with a deep sense of responsibility by Deckard Cain who lived there at the time.

Ogden is presumed dead after the demonic attack on Tristram where only Cain is known to have survived.

One of the owners before Ogden was Baerna, who Deckard Cain said "was a cruel inkeep but a fine cook. Not a soul in Westmarch would disagree." He had been in possession of the inn at least some 20 years prior to the attacks on Tristram, since "Ogden had a rule about minstrels that went back 20 years to when Baerna ran the inn."

This itself relates to that a bard named Hays used to trouble Ogden for soup and boarding in the summer months.

Canonity[edit | edit source]

The story about Hays and Baerna might not be canonical, since it was taken from the Deckard Cain GPS Voice Pack. The actual in-world references seem pretty solid though, so we're going to run with it until proof of the opposite arise.

Also, considering that the time scale of the Tristram events were majorly retconned, we don't know if Ogden indeed had stayed 4 years, or if it was less. The principle is the same, however, he recently bought it, and then the trouble started.

Media[edit | edit source]

Video of Tristram, how it looked before the demonic invasion.

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