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The Silver City is located in the High Heavens, and is the home of all angels.

The City[edit | edit source]

The Silver City from the Book of Cain.

The Silver City was first named and explored in the Book of Cain. It stands in testament to the glory of the High Heavens, housing all angels and also the Angiris Council, each member presiding over a different area within the city.

Anu, the great being of all creation, lost his spine in a battle with Tathamet, a seven-headed dragon representing all that is foul and sinful. The spine spiraled off into space, eventually turning into the Crystal Arch, with the High Heavens springing up around it. This was the beginning of the creation of angels and also the Silver City.

The city's main features are the Diamond Gates which, prior to events in Diablo III, have never been breached. Within the city's limits is the sky-rending Silver Spire, which houses the Crystal Arch.

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