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The Crystal Arch is said to be the spine of Anu, and is the point at which angels are born.

The Arch[edit | edit source]

Crystal Arch as seen in the Book of Cain.

The arch resides within the Silver City, cradled within the peak of the Silver Spire.

Long before the events of the first Diablo, the universe existed as a single being named Anu. Eventually, Anu split into two different beings, being the Diamond Warrior who represented all the virtues of creation and, on the opposing spectrum, Tathamet, a seven-headed dragon which represented all sin and vice.

They clashed for aeons, and at their final blows, the universe was created. Anu's spine slipped off, spiraling into space, and eventually turned into the Crystal Arch.

The arch is glimmering in appearance as if it were made of diamonds. The High Heavens gains many of its properties from the arch, including a sort of harmonious music that penetrates each corner of the Silver City. When this music is in full synchronization, when the High Heavens are in harmony, an angel may be born. Angels, being creatures made solely from light and sound, require the Crystal Arch to perpetuate their existence.

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