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Brennor was a heavily fortified town north of Entsteig with tall walls surrounding it, famed for being an impenetrable fortress.

Background[edit | edit source]

At the center of Brennor was the stone castle where the lordship Earl Edgewulf governed from. Upon his death at the battle of Blackmarch, his son and new appointed Earl Tilgar succeeded him.

Brennor is located north of Entsteig, and it is connected via the King's Road to the major city of Entsteig. Brennor is reach in trading with blacksmiths who forge iron and steel. Bladesmiths craft arms and armor for the city guard. Illuminators draw new illustrations on their manuscripts. Artisans create tapestries. Bards compose the next saga of Arkaine, and any number of other artists and master craftsmen plying their trades.

The army of Brennor joined the army of Prince Hrothwulf to defend Entsteig from demonic forces at Blackmarch. The army was destroyed except for Siggard who survived. Prince Hrothwulf and Earl Edgewulf were slain there.

A few days later, Assur and his demonic forces besieged Brennor. Siggard and Sarnakyle helped Earl Tilgar and his army defend the town.

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