Tardein Wastes

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The Tardein Wastes are several areas, or one area somewhere close to Caldeum in Kehjistan.

It's unknown if the 'Tardein wastes' is the full name of this (these) area(s), or if the 'wastes' are part of the Tardein region/location.

Abd al-Hazir refers to Tardein Wastes in Entry no. 4 of his Writings when he met Franklin Burroughs who was admiring the determination of the Dune Threshers that live under the sand and leap up and onto unsuspecting prey walking above.

I met up with him at dusk upon the sandy rocks that ringed the Tardein wastes. As I approached, Burroughs was kneeling on the black rocks, inspecting something. I looked at the indistinguishable matter he'd been staring so intently at, but I could not identify it. He held up his hand, motioning for me to step lightly. When I asked him what the problem was, he pointed to the focus of his attention and asked if I wanted to end up like that poor fool. I laughed, thinking he was playing one of his jokes on me yet again. Everyone knew that the dune threshers attacked from under the sand, and that we were safe upon the rocks!

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