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Xiansai is an island on the northern hemisphere of Sanctuary, which holds a culture similar to the East Asian cultures of Earth. It is the homeland of the Wizard character as well as the Jeweler, but there is very limited information about this large island beyond this fact.

Xiansai in Diablo III[edit | edit source]

The island of Xiansai. Northern part of the world map.

The one thing we know is that Xiansai is expected to make an appearance in Diablo III.[1]

Jay Wilson:

I think the only character who actually goes through their homeland is, I believe, the wizard, Leonard [Boyarsky] knows more about this than me, sometimes I get this wrong. But I'm pretty sure it's the wizard. The monk's land we're not going to, but there are likely to be other monk characters and details about the religious group and the culture that he comes from.

The Jeweler describe Xiansai as:

Xiansai! Great families warred in the streets! Political intrigue and bottomless wells of treachery around every corner!
The women! Young ladies chasing me around day and night, begging for a kiss! I had to leave! It was the only honorable thing to do.
In Xiansai, we have only fifty-nine (gods), and you can't cross the street without praising one god and begging forgiveness from another.

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