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Chronicles Of The Dark Library is a fan fiction piece by Holyknight3000, originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. This fan fiction began in the Fan Fiction watch as The Dark Library and began in 2010. This is the companion Fan fiction that goes along-side the news posts and began on February 20, 2011.



The Visitation[edit]
Nine Months Ago

1283, 14th Day of Ostara, Three Hours Past Sext;

“Everything is ready Mr. Lourdes.” A man said to James as he left the lobby. It was over a year ago that I stepped in to take over for James as Curator of the Dark Library. We made great strides to get this place ready for the King and Westmarch.

The library was renovated in many places across the main floor. The entrance to the library had new doorknockers added that showed the likeness of King Justinian’s reign.

The Books on the main floor towards the front were also better organized by subject and all old books were restored or attempted to be reprinted. We also had a few very ancient books that sadly become nothing more than dust. The lighting was also improved with better placement of chandeliers and candles on the walls and walkways.

In the central lobby the long broken and partially boarded up stain-glass window was replaced with the same symbol as the front doorknockers. The upper levels of the North wing was also condemned for now as repairs on that area were too dangerous for the renovation teams at the current time.

The main wing’s lower floor was closed off due to instability, and there was a rather large hole in the northwestern side. The hole looked like it was caused by time and the huge trees nearby had their roots growing into the walls.

Last but not least the main wing’s upper floor was intact but un-organized. Lighting there is poor and it is very dark. A member of one of the many renovation teams told me once that there were more cobwebs than books up there, but a pathway to the books was cleared. So people can go up there but must have a member of the staff to go with them. Other than these few problems; the library was relatively ready to be opened to the public.

There was a knock on my office door. “Come in.” I said as I was setting down at my desk looking over paperwork. It was James, “Afternoon Kris; I had just gotten word that the library was stable and ready for the public.” he said has he closed the door and walked over to set down at one of the two chairs in front of my desk.

“Hard to believe its been over a year since we started to get this place up to shape after Paul left.” I said with a smile recollecting my conversation with Paul Litterman about taking over the library. “Indeed,” James replied with a smirk on his face. “It wasn’t an easy job either you know!”

I looked at him and laughed for a moment. “Do you remember seven months ago that one team that went into the lower main wing. They thought they had heard a ghost and one guy even thought he saw it.” James nodded, “Didn’t they all quit that day and ran off?” I nodded in agreement.

But what James didn’t know; was that I had encountered this ghostly entity when I first came to the library. At first then I thought the door was opened and the wind had knocked out my torch. I learned later that night that the front door was closed and locked. So I knew something was amiss in the library.

Suddenly there was another knock at my door. James and I looked at each other and wondered who else would be at the door. “I’ll grab the door,” James said as he got up out of the chair and walked over. When he opened the door all James and I could see was a hood covered figure standing in the doorway. I looked in shock and asked, “Who are you? What do you want in this library. There are people who could assist you in the central lobby main floor.”

The man took a step foreword and pulled back his hood. James recognized his face and knew before I would since I had never seen the man before. As I stood up from my chair; James kneeled down and lowered his head. “My King why are you here in this old library of all places?” The man was Justinian IV; King of Westmarch.

When I had realized who it was I too kneeled. “Sorry sire I didn’t know it was you. I hadn’t seen your face before until now.” The king rose his right hand. “Rise friends I came to talk to you about the library in private. Paul told me about everything and that this place could take a couple years to be ready. Yet you had it ready for the public in record time.”

I looked at the King for a moment remembering that I had suggested to Paul about the library being renovated and see if the king would want his name on it. The King came over and sat down at the right chair in front of my desk. “Please have a seat James; so I may have a word with you and Kris.”

James quietly closed the door and locked it and then came over sat down in the left chair in front of my desk next to the king. I had already sat down and was deep in thought. Not in my wildest dreams had I expected the King to meet us in person and so discreetly either.

The King looked at me and turned and looked at James. “Sorry for being so secretive today. Let’s just say things we’re a bit messy up until now and I wanted to keep my presence minimal at best for now.” King Justinian sighed as he leaned back in that rickety chair. “You both put forth so much effort to restore this once great library. Though it would not compare to those of the great libraries from Xiansai to the northeast and Caldeum in the far eastern desert lands of Kehjistan.”

Though the library has a dark past; I know you two will help restore it to what it once was many decades ago. Kris I know the name you gave to Paul that night. He told me about it that following afternoon. I had people constantly check on the progress of the Library over time.” The King smiled for a moment, “I would be proud to put my name on it; The Justinian IV Library of Lore and Lost antiquity. That name you suggested has a nice ring to it. Though people will always call it by its nickname. ‘The Dark Library’.”

- - - -

Later that night after the meeting with King Justinian; I had decided to go to the lower main wing’s damaged lower levels. I wanted to see if there were any books about my father and the order. And if not maybe some hint as to who the last curator was and why he vanished. James never told me much so I’ll have to find out for myself.

(The encounter I would have down there would change my life forever as Curator.)


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