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Chronicles Of The Dark Library is a fan fiction piece by Holyknight3000, originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. This fan fiction began in the Fan Fiction watch as The Dark Library and began in 2010. This is the companion Fan fiction that goes along-side the news posts and began on February 20, 2011.


II[edit source]

The Aegis[edit source]

20 years ago...
From the Journal of Kristof Allen Williams

1264, 7th day of Kathon, Lauds

After a two day trek with the group of soldiers led by their Que-hegan R. Harold Williams. We reached the base of a tall mountain in the Khanduras mountains. A mountain that was mostly a sheer cliff that was hundreds if not thousands of feet tall. At it’s base which was from the south below the tree line was a cave that we entered.

The whole mountain was surrounded by a protective barrier making it untraceable by outside sources. When we came inside the cave the light dimmed to a nice orange and brown tint from magic enhanced torches. It felt warm and peaceful. As we went through this cave it weaved left and then right a few times before it went strait to a large opening.

What I saw then put me at awe. Stone pillars on the east and west side with the orange and brown torches lit behind them. A long hallway that we walked on and a ceiling that was over a hundred feet or more high above us. In the distance I saw a chapel setting upon the top of a temple that reminded me of the ones from Travincal in the east. The chapel felt familiar like it was of similar design from the one I remember in Tristram. The ceiling where this chapel stood which stood hundred of feet high angled at a slight incline and went above the church. At the northeast, northwest, southwest and southeast sides of the central structure tall pillars helped hold the tall ceiling up. At the top of the chapel you could see a white glow shining so bright that it illuminated the center of the complex.

As we walked towards this huge central structure I saw many people walking around talking, and some teaching the magics that they knew. Others were showing off, and some fighting amongst themselves as guards ran in to stop them. This place looked like a small community sheltered under this mountain. When we got to the base I saw stairs going up to the center from the temple base; coming from the other wings.

As I stood there Harold walked to me as I was still awe-struck by the complex. “Welcome to the Aegis. The shield for the order and home to us. Sealed off from the outside world. No demon could enter here while the barrier was up.” he said as he looked at me while I was looking around. I looked to the east and the west and saw the light from torches looking rather odd. “Whats going on with the weird lighting of the torches?” I asked curious; since this wasn’t a normal thing to be seen. Harold looked at the wings and looked back and smiled. “Each wing’s torches are enhanced by their designated areas.

The west side is the Voidweaver; a magic that represents Wrath of the Void. It also represented the brain of the Incorruptible One. A brain that remembered all of the atrocities that had been done to him. To the east is the Wrathweaver; a magic that represented the Wrath of the Human Spirit. It also represented the heart of the Incorruptible One. A heart that had a great love for his people and the land around him. To the north which you cannot see due to the central chapel is the Divineweaver; a magic that represents the Wrath of the Divine Light. This light also represented the right eye of the Incorruptible One. An eye that saw the path to the right and just in this world.”

I looked up at Harold with a curious look and asked, “What is the Incorruptible One?” He smiled and looked up as if to the heavens. “He was the one that stood up to the corruption that happened in Kurast many years ago. He was also a close friend whom I had the utmost respect for. This man was called Khalim; Que-hegan of the High Council in the central city of Travincal in Kurast. He endured great pains as the order fell to Mephisto’s corruption. Khalim’s successor; Sankekur called for the dismemberment of his body after he was killed.” He paused for a moment as the thoughts saddened the man. He cleared his throat and continued. “I was told recently that one of his eyes, his brain, and heart were all that had survived.”

“Due to that knowledge the three magics became the embodiment of these parts of him. Many here at the order considered him the emissary to the light. So they pray to him asking for help with various needs. As such we are followers of this great man and call ourselves the Khaliminites. Others who know of the order call us The Untainted.” I look puzzled as he said that word untainted. Curious I asked, “What do they mean by Untainted?”.

Harold nodded, “I think it has much to do with the fact that we can control the power of the cold dark void and not be corrupted by its influences. The same going for the passion and anger that comes from the wrath magic as well. If anyone here became influenced by any of these magics for ill will and harm. They would be thrown out and threatened with death should they reveal anything of the order.” He paused for a moment and then started to walk up the stairs waving his right hand to follow. “Come Kris let’s go to the chapel and talk more there.” I nodded and started to run up the stairs with Harold’s son to too far behind. He walked slowly looking down with clenched fists.

In a growing fit of anger he looked up at his father and yelled. “Why did you bring him with us? He is an outsider; we have never taken in anyone from the outside. They usually come to us.” I stop in shock as Harold paused and turned around looking at his son. His face was very stern and very serious. You could almost feel the heat from the fire in his brown eyes as he walked down to his son.

Harold walked up to his son and was half an arms length from him as he looked at him. Then spoke with a tone I had not experienced before. “How dare you say that. This boy had lost all of his family when we came. Just imagine how it could have been if we weren’t there. His life would have been over; painfully I might add by those demons.” He voice got louder as his frustration grew. Despite that his son defiantly fired back. “He will be the doom of us all one day; Father mark my words...” Suddenly the ground began to rumble under my feet as I saw Harold become increasingly angry.

Out of the blue another member of the group walked up to him and patted Harold on the shoulder. “Give the boy some space sir. It was a rough journey back here as we added one more person to the group. We’re all tired and worn out.” That man was James Kraft; a lieutenant from the order’s policing force. A child ran up to the man as he walked away from Harold. The child was his daughter and she anxious to greet him after the trek.

“Ah Raena; I hope things were well while I was gone.” James said as his daughter Raena jumped into his arms. He lifted her up and gave her a hug as she looked over at me. She was a year younger than me. She had long fiery red hair and deep green eyes. “He’s a friend from the outside. Que-hegan Williams brought him in after he was injured and had no where to go.” James said as he sat her down. She looked back at me with a glare and then back to her father, “An outsider daddy? I thought outsiders were bad.” James laughed and looked ah his daughter eye to eye. “Usually they are, but not this one. He has nothing left nor a place to stay. So we brought him here for now.” She smiled at him as he stood up and looked at Harold.

“I’m going back to my family’s quarters sir. Try not to kill your son.” He laughed as he waved and walked off holding his daughters hand as she skipped along side him. Harold looked at his son with a glare. “We will continue this discussion inside. Go!” Harold said with a stern tone. His son walked on ahead glaring at me as he passed by. I started to get the feeling that my presence there wasn’t a welcoming one.

Harold walked up to me and knelt down in front of me placing his hand on my right shoulder and looked at me. “Don’t get discouraged by these people. We rarely get an outsider that was brought in out of the blue. I couldn’t leave you behind. You had nothing left and the thought ran into my head if I left you there after the funeral; you would have surely been killed by something. Don’t let these people bother you. This will be your home for now, They will grow to accept you I am sure of it. Come with me Kris, and let’s get you to your new home in the central chapel.”

(Back then was a hard time for me. It took me many years to gain the trust of the people of the order. Many hard times and Harold’s son’s disdain for me only grew with the passing years. Only when I enrolled in the Wrathweaver school of magic did people begin to accept me as one of their own.)

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