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Chronicles Of The Dark Library is a fan fiction piece by Holyknight3000, originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. This fan fiction began in the Fan Fiction watch as The Dark Library and began in 2010. This is the companion Fan fiction that goes along-side the news posts and began on February 20, 2011.


III[edit source]

The Dreamscape[edit source]

One Year Ago
From the Dream Journal of Kristof Allen Williams: Entry #002

1283, 2nd Day of Montath, Lauds

One night I saw glimpses of people all who felt familiar but I could not remember their names except one; Abigail. I didn’t know why I remembered just her name, but it had a familiarity to it that felt close and personal...

My memory painted the area as if at an encampment. The caravan was getting ready to continue on and we needed supplies. I could make out their voices, but their faces were all blurry except for Abby’s.

We had finished loading up the supplies when Abby came up to me. “Are you ready for this Kris? It’s going to be a long trip. Hope you don’t get too bored!” I had my back to her at the time while I was tying down the last of the supplies. From what I could remember from the dream Abby had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was a little younger than me and was shorter than me because I had to look down at her slightly.

I finished up what I was doing and turned around from the wagon and looked at her with a grin. “At least I’m not at the back of the caravan. I’ll be up at the front with Father.” She got a little frustrated and started to storm off, “Have to watch your back somehow. Who knows what may come and beat you up next!” It also seemed I was a weakling back then. Like I couldn’t rely on myself and needed help from others. That may have explained how things were back at the order when I first went there.

A voice yelled out my name. “Kris get up here or I will leave you behind!” It was a man’s voice. “Coming!” I said as I started running towards the front of the Caravan. As I was running I was stopped by a woman covered in a dark purple cloak. I could not see her eyes but I could see her from the nose down. She spoke with a slightly rugged voice. “Wait boy there is something I need to tell you before you leave.” I looked at her with skepticism but listened.

“The Great Eye sees your future. It sees that you will become a great man. One who will overcome great personal and physical pain. You will endure a hatred for someone and will resolve this in time.” I looked at her and laughed and thought she was a crazy old crone. I turned and ran off and as I ran she spoke once more. “May the Great Eye watch over you young one… you’ll need it.”

And then I woke up. I don’t know why I am remembering this now but I write this down in this Dreamscape so that one day all of this comes together in time.

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