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Bashiok (the monster)[edit]

Bashiok is a superunique Fallen Shaman (conjurer) that rarely spawns in the Dahlgur Oasis. Hitting it with Rakanishu's Blade grants the Bashanishu achievement.


Bashiok (the community manager)[edit]

Bashiok (real name Micah Whiple), also known as Drysc, is the Diablo 3 community manager at Blizzard. On the official Diablo III forums Bashiok's avatar depicts a Fallen Shaman.

Bashiok at Blizzard[edit]

A caricature Bashiok has in his office.

Prior to becoming the first Diablo 3 CM, Bashiok was a community manager for World of WarCraft, posting with the forum name "Drysc".

During late 2008 and all of 2009 Bashiok was often the most visible member of the Diablo 3 team, as the only D3 community manager and a regular presence in the forums. He is also the chief operator of Blizzard's official Diablo Twitter and Facebook pages.

During the final stages of the StarCraft II beta, around June 2010, Bashiok also took on an active role in the StarCraft II forums, answering questions and making funny comments. He kind of replaced Karune, who had at the time not been seen in a visible position for a long time.

A Day in the Life[edit]

Blizzard's Day in the Life series of articles devoted one to Bashiok in December 2011. Read it to learn more about his daily work routine.

Blue Posts[edit]

Bashiok's posts as the D3 CM are collected in various locations, and often cited by gaming news sites and Diablo fan sites.

Bashiok's avatar.