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Caverns of Frost Location

Chiltara is a superunique Lacuni who only appears in the Caverns of Frost within the Fields of Slaughter located in Act III.

Noted for dropping a rare ingredient (Gibbering Gemstone) for the Staff of Herding. She has a small chance to spawn on the second level of the cave, near the dungeon stone exit.

Once you have located the Caverns of Frost, head to level 2. There is no guarantee that she will spawn but when she does she will drop the Gibbering Gemstone.

Stat Normal Nightmare Hell Inferno
[[]] (db) Level
[[]] [[]] XP 0 0 0 0
HP 0 0 0 0

She has the Frozen attack which creates small ice grenades that explode after a second, dealing a freezing effect to anything in their blast radius. She is cold resistant.


[edit] Associated Achievements

Chiltara is associated with the following achievement:

Name Points Description Banner
Never Seen that Before

10 Kill one of the following unique enemies.