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This Fan Art Community Project is just a central place for all of us wiki editors and fan creation lovers to try and organise what we want to do.

Goals[edit | edit source]

Our goal is to bring together fan artists, fan fiction writers and just about anyone with an interest in creating any form of material related to Diablo.

We want to give proper due to the more major figures within these fields, and also encourage everyone else to take part in the community, be it making fan classes or just discussing the works of fan artists and writers.

We want to encourage people with creative skills to use their abilities to the fullest, to create a plethora of material for ourselves as well as regular fans. We want to immerse everyone in the world of Diablo.

We want artists and writers to receive more publicity for their great work.

The primary focus will be around, mainly because it's the biggest Diablo community, and it has the most active members as well as creative members. However, any artist from any local community is welcome on DiabloWiki.

Plan[edit | edit source]

Things we can do to further our goals include:

  • Making pages for important artists/writers, and encourage them to fill them out with more detail.
  • Fill out pages related to this community, such as fan art etc.
  • Organise interviews with artists/writers that can be used as news material on sites like, and also link back to the wiki to give the artists more publicity.
  • Keeping up with the community through Weekly Wallpapers and Fan Art Watches.

Specific things to do[edit | edit source]

  • Involving Softshack with his page
  • Involving Boqu with his page
  • Adding Muldric
    • Involving Muldric with his page
  • Adding GAMi
    • Involving GAMi with his page
  • Creating Fan art
  • Creating Fan fiction
  • Creating Cosplay
  • Adding Tamrend
    • Involving Tam with his page
  • List of other possible ppl to add. (no particular order)
    • cowquin
    • VioletJoker
    • Vortexh
    • GavinUnit
    • johntorrio
    • jerrre
    • GuardianHadriel
    • DefiledVisions
    • Rainyia

Done[edit | edit source]