Fan fiction:The Mage Academy of Gea Kul/Prologue

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The Mage Academy of Gea Kul is a fan fiction piece by Flux, originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. You can find more information on The Mage Academy of Gea Kul article.


The Destruction, Betrayal, and Ultimate Resurrection of the Mage Academy of Gea Kul

Prologue[edit source]

As darkness fell, I found myself sitting shoulder to shoulder with four of my fellow mages. We had food, but ate little. We had wood, but burned only enough to keep the campfire alight. We had words, but did not share them, for each man was lost in his own thoughts. I knew the others were thinking about the day's toils, the blood that warfare had left on our hands, and the grim deeds that awaited us on the morrow. It is a terrible task to contemplate, to think of the men and demons we will have to cut through in pursuit of a wayward initiate, but it must be done.

Though I believe that this is my last night among the living, I do not believe in fate. This tragedy was not preordained by some cruel god; some roll of the cosmic bones. This end was not inevitable. It could have been avoided, and Zia, the strongest student to ever pass through the Academy at Gea Kul would still be enrolled there, learning and prospering, rather than almost single-handedly turning back the largest invasion of demons in remembered history, while a death squad of her former instructors closes in from behind. A death squad of which I am the leader. A death squad that will surely overtake her tomorrow, though I would not care to bet on who will be the dealer, and who the receiver, of that death.

Five against one should be sure odds, even amidst the demonic war that rages around us, but our quarry has thrived in a land that few survive, she travels with powerful allies, and she has mastered spells never taught in the Academy of which I was formerly the Archmaester. Catch Zia we will, but I know not whether we will hold this tiger by the tail, or the jaws, and after dwelling on such thoughts all day, I can endure them no longer. Therefore I cast them back, retreating into my memories, for if I can not see clearly the future, I can at least relive the past.

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