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The Key is a fan fiction piece by Tamrend, originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. The fiction series has been going since February 2004, and still see the occasional update with more chapters or parts of chapters. You can find more information on The Key article.


Epilogue[edit source]

Seith stared at the place where the others had been moments before. The afterimage from the flash of Niravi’s spell still lingered. “You just keep still,” Noor said, the point of his sword under Seith’s chin. “I’m taking you back to the king, traitor.”

“You damned fool. You’ve killed us both,” Seith said, gesturing to the space around them. The wraiths whispered to one another greedily as they closed in slowly around them, savoring the coming feast. Noor’s hand began to shake as realization dawned on him. He turned slowly in place, his eyes darting from side to side, looking for escape.

With a shriek, a wraith wrapped its tendrils around him, pulling him in. Dozens more latched on at once, diving in from every side, desperate for a taste of the man’s life force before it was all gone. His screaming died almost as soon as it began.

Seith waited for the end to come, but though the ghosts moaned with hunger and desire, they maintained a wide circle around him.

“I must admit,” the sorcerer said from the darkness. “I underestimated the girl.” The wraiths pulled back from one side, like a curtain peeling away, to reveal him. “You, however, I have no trouble reading.”

“Go ahead and kill me,” Seith said bitterly. “You know I can’t defeat you. Why toy with me?”

“Because,” the man said, spreading his hands. “You’re much better to me alive than dead. The jailer saw too much, even if he understood little. He had to be disposed of. But you? No. I have plans for you, Seith.”

“Who are you?”

He smiled. “Oh, you already know my name, but you would not believe me if I told you. I’ve done well to hide who I am, you see.”

“Tell me.”

“Very well. My name,” the wizard said, watching Seith’s expression, “is Horazon.”

End of Book I

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