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The Diablo 2010 Anniversary Mosaic was an initiative by several fansites started by Diablo3-esp.com with the help of Diablo: IncGamers (former Diii.net), and meant to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Diablo II, 9th anniversary of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and the two-year anniversary for Diablo III.

Anniversary Celebration![edit | edit source]

The official banner.
The finished mosaic.

As diligent fans of the Diablo franchise for many years, we, the undersigned fansites, are delighted to officially be able to unveil the community initiative to the public.

Without any additional support from Blizzard, it has sometimes been hard to gather the inspiration to work on fan material for this celebration, but there has been a nice little collection of pictures from the community that is now made publicly available.

Over 100 pictures are collected from 14 different fansites with a variety of eight nationalities containing various levels of modesty. From completely manufactured images of shy fans showing their love through Photoshop (or MS Paint) to every-day stuff like sitting on the toilet, reading your Diablo comics. These fansite members do it everywhere (lovin' Diablo, that is).

We all wish we could do more for this Hating Demon in Red and next year perhaps there's also the release of Diablo III to celebrate! For now, however, we're going to put all these images into one big mosaic accompanied with the main characters from Diablo II and other Diablo games, and present it as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone for your input or contributions, and we hope you enjoy the result. The project is not managed on an individual fansite, but on DiabloWiki.net. You can always see any updates or last-minute changes on the Diablo 2010 Anniversary Mosaic page.


- Diablo3-esp.com (organiser)
- Diablo: IncGamers (Diii.net) (co-organiser)
- Blizzplanet.com
- Diablofans.com
- D2mantix.com
- Diablo-3.net
- Diablo3.cz
- Diablo-Source.com
- InDiablo.de
- Diablo-III.it
- Diablo3X.com
- Diablo-3.eu
- Diablo3.net.ua
- Diablo4Arab.com

Take a look here for all the user contributions!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Please note: If you would like to change your name on the description or on the picture file, please feel free to do so.

Download[edit | edit source]

The full version can be downloaded here.

Blizzard Reactions[edit | edit source]

Blizzard's Diablo II 10th anniversary artwork

Blizzard CM Bashiok was informed of this project from the get-go by Lytus. Lytus and Leord was asking for some sort of help from Blizzard by either a motivational help or just getting linked, but the initial response was a concern that some sites might not adhere to Blizzard's strict rules on no gold selling or item selling ads.

After weeding out any and all gold selling ads from google ads on some of the fan sites, we now hope to possibly at least get an official Twitter/Facebook mention. Bashiok did comment close to the anniversary, saying "I am excited to see the mosaic".

Blizzard's Own[edit | edit source]

Blizzard made their own contribution to the 10th anniversary of Diablo II, while not particularly commenting on the 2 year Diablo III announcement anniversary or the 9th LoD anniversary. You can see Blizzard's anniversary page here.

Short snippet:

We'd like to express our gratitude to the community for your support over the years -- thanks to your enthusiasm, Diablo II is still going strong.

Project Details[edit | edit source]

This initiative started by Lytus of Diablo3-esp.com, and was assisted by Leord of Diablo: IncGamers (formerly known as Diii.net). Start date was 20 May 2010, and end date is 26 June 2010, just in time for the 29 June anniversary.

The initiative is still open to join by other fansites or blogs. See below for more information.

Participant Sites[edit | edit source]

The following sites are part of the initiative. Listed chronologically from when they were added to the project:

Anyone is free to add information on these site's currently empty article pages.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Diablo Archive cover art.

Lytus of Diablo3-esp.com contacted many fansites including Leord of Diablo: IncGamers in April 2010 with the idea of making a mosaic of Diablo pictures, similar to that of the "I <3 SC2" initiative taken by Blizzard Entertainment the previous year.

Community Manager Bashiok was also contacted, but did originally not reply, so the initiative was taken by Lytus and Leord to go ahead anyway.

Several different pictures were discussed as the "goal" picture for the resulting mosaic, and the sort of pictures of photos to be used was also discussed. The two agreed on the full picture of the Diablo Archive cover art. The main issue they found was that, naturally, all pictures of Diablo primarily consisted of black and red gradients, which would be hard to make into a good mosaic made by photos of fans, unless they were themselves standing in the Burning Hells.

Lytus changed some of the gradient colours a little, to make it more "mosaic friendly", and the pair decided on a start and end date date: 20 May to 26 June 2010. Final results to be added before 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET). For this, Lytus created a little banner (seen below), and Leord wrote the official press release that then was translated and sometimes rewritten to fit individual fansites.

On 28 of June it was clear the gathering and building of the mosaic would not be finished before the 29, so the anniversary is now celebrated with the picture gallery as well as a mosaic begin added as soon as possible. Leord, Lytus and a few other fansite admins helped out to gather the last few images to the project page, and Leord wrote a new press release for the anniversary.

Open to Fansites[edit | edit source]

The initiative is no longer active to new entrants, but there's likely going to be a 2011 project of some description. If you have a fansite or blog of any size and would wish to join this initiative, simply e-mail Lytus or Leord and we will review your application to be added to the member list.

  • Lytus - princevegetassj [at] hotmail [dot] com
  • Leord - leord [at] incgamers [dot] com

When that is set up all you need to do is post (possibly translate first) the press release we will issue on your site/blog, and perform whatever community project or task that we decide for the next year.

Don't forget to list all participating fansites when you do!

However, in order to join you must abide by Blizzard fansite rules by not using gold/item selling ads on the site and not listing/helping hacks/cracks.

Original Press Release[edit | edit source]

This is the official Mosaic press release:

29 June 2010 is a big day for the Diablo franchise and all its fans. Three major anniversaries come up on the same day, the biggest of which is of course the ten-year anniversary of Diablo II. Incidentally, 29 June is also the nine-year anniversary of Lord of Destruction as well as the two-year anniversary for the Diablo III announcement.

In order to give due respect to this big date in the Diablo community, the most recognised Diablo fansites have joined up together to create a big mosaic compiled of photos of the fans, similar to the Blizzard-run "I <3 SC" event from last year.

Each site will collect images from their visitors, which will be merged together into one massive image of Big Red himself. It's now up to YOU to show the world just how much all of us in the community loves Diablo by sending in your Diablo-inspired photos.

The photos should be themed with Diablo or his birthday and can be as simple as a shot of yourself posing with your Diablo I or Diablo II game box, holding a print saying "I <3 Diablo", someone with a Diablo shirt, a creatively decorated birthday cake, writing a massive "Diablo" in the sand on a beach or perhaps a shot of yourself summoning demons in your weekly Cultist rituals (joke! Please, it's definitely a joke!).

Each of these images will help build up a very small part of the mosaic, showing our combined appreciation for the dark Action RPG franchise and each participating member will forever be part of the final picture.

Two rules to enter:
- Submitted images needs to be 800x600 pixels (4:3 aspect ratio).
- Images needs to be submitted before 26 June 2010 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET).

Each site deals with the collection individually. Insert needed instructions here.

We encourage each individual fan to upload as many funny/interesting/thoughtful/cool photos they can before the time runs out. The more pictures available when the mosaic is made, the better it will render the pictures into a cohesive whole.

Participating fansites:
Additional sites are added sporadically, so to see the full list and all current updates, please see the Diablo wiki entry for this project: http://diablowiki.net/Diablo_2010_Anniversary_Mosaic
- Diablo3-esp.com (main organiser)
- Diablo: IncGamers (formerly: Diii.net) (assistant organiser)
- Blizzplanet.com
- Diablofans.com
- D2mantix.com
- Diablo-3.net
- Diablo3.cz
- Diablo-Source.com
- InDiablo.de
- Diablo-III.it
- Diablo3X.com
- Diablo-3.eu
- Diablo3.net.ua
- Diablo4Arab.com

Fan Interactions[edit | edit source]

This section is open to any fansite already added, to link whatever threads, news, pictures or other media or events relating to this project. Anyone is welcome to add to this section.