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Diablo Italia Fans is the first Italian fansite for Diablo. It's one of the newer fansites for Diablo, but has a growing community.

Website [e]
Diablo Italia Fans
Type of site: Fansite
Language: Italian
Registration: Free & optional
Owner: Lorenzo "Kriesel" Zuliani
Created by: Kriesel
Launched: 2009-10
Internet rank: 787k
Current status: Active

Background[edit | edit source]

Diablo Italia Fans (ex Diablo III Italia) was started in October 2009 and was created and is maintained by Lorenzo Zuliani aka Kriesel / BigK.

The portal has been designed to bring together all fans of Diablo in Italy and is possible to interact and comment on the news or visit the forum where everyone can write and share their ideas about Diablo. The site and forum are characterized by themes that include the world of Diablo such technical specifications, story, character classes, development and more.

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