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HellForge is the biggest Italian Fansite on the Diablo Universe, has many daily visitors and a community in constant growth, is updated regularly with news and translations, provides a forum and a multitude of articles, news and resources on the World of Sanctuary.

Website [e]
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Type of site: Fansite / Wiki
Language: Italian
Registration: Free & optional
Owner: HellForge
Created by: HellForge
Launched: May 25, 2008
Internet rank: Unknown
Current status: Active

Background[edit | edit source]

HellForge was born May 25, 2008 and the first article written was about the first rumors on a possible announcement of Diablo 3 by Blizzard Entertainment, a month before the fateful WWI 2008.

HellForge followed at the forefront the story about the mystery of Splash Teaser published on the homepage of Blizzard the days before the WWI and was one of the first sites to spread the news of the announcement of Diablo 3.

Soon became the reference point of Italian fans of Diablo, which could count on a multitude of information, articles and news about the Diablo Universe that no other site could offer.

With the help of many users of the community, in June 29 2010, HellForge opens the First Italian Wiki on the Diablo Universe.

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