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The biggest Diablo 3 Russian community fan-site, aiming to become the quickest, Horadric.ru is a well-structured, well-informed and up-to-date D3 site over RU-net.

Website [e]
Horadric logo anim.gif
Type of site: Fansite
Language: Russian
Registration: Free & optional
Owner: Horadric.ru
Created by: Horadric and Co
Launched: April 2011
Internet rank: ~80k
Current status: Active

Background[edit | edit source]

The site was created in April 2011. It was initiated by three administrators (Archivarius, Farz and Tyrael) and Horadric - the most extravagant figure in the whole Russian D3 community. The main purpose of site building was to create the game-portal helping Russian Diablo fans all over the world to keep in touch with all the latest news, to be united, to perform a comfortable place for every fan to communicate with the other fellows. Horadric.ru became an official Blizzard Diablo III fansite on 30 May 2012

Content[edit | edit source]

The game portal provides a plenty of data and information, such as News, Wiki, Streams, Video Reviews.

News[edit | edit source]

The most important aim of Horadric.ru is to present the latest and the most interesting news in relation to all Diablo 3 events, and, of course, totally in Russian.

Everybody are welcoming in news grabbing and publishing

Video[edit | edit source]

There are plenty of video trailers as well as video reviews of various game aspects. All the video works are carefully composed by Horadric and can be found at Horadric.ru Youtube channel

Streams[edit | edit source]

Almost all the live events, such as Blizzcon, start of the D3 beta testing, D3 release date announcing and a number of others are covered with Horadric in his regularly streams. The most exciting D3 beta events - called Leorik speed run - make a huge entertainment among the gamers all over the world. Not to mention, regularly Diablo 3 podcasts and game reviews.

Wiki Database[edit | edit source]

In the portal there is a constantly growing Diablo 3 Wiki.

Social networks[edit | edit source]

For socials there are plenty of varieties to track news and different events such as contests and competitions in a number of social networks:

Feel free to join us and receive all the news in a convenient way.

References[edit | edit source]