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Reaper of Souls will be the first expansion pack for Diablo 3 and was announced on the 21st August 2013 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. It will introduce a sixth class, the Crusader, a mid-range melee fighter that favours a sword and shield who is affiliated with the Diablo 2 Paladin. The new act, Act V will include Westmarch and Pandemonium Fortress as well as other locations familiar to Diablo 2 players. The level cap will be raised to 70 and there will be changes to the Loot and the Paragon systems as well as major tweaks to skills of the existing five classes. There will also be new game modes introduced such as Nephalem Rifts and Nephalem Trials. The Mystic returns with skills to enhance your gear and look. Players will ultimately have to defeat Malthael who has seized the Black Soulstone and returns as the Angel of Death. Reaper of Souls is due for release in 2014.