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Demonic magic is a magic source from Demons that's full of destructive power and danger. It has a strong corrupting influence on its users, and the forces of Darkness will in the end try to turn the caster into a servant of the Burning Hells. To fully grasp the concept of Arcane magics, it's good to have read about the general nature of magic first.

Let this be a lesson to you... Demonic magic is a quick path, but its powers are seductive and deadly.
- Deckard Cain to hero in Lut Gholein after finding out the false Summoner was in fact the Sorcerer hero from Diablo I.

Diablo Game Demonic Magic[edit | edit source]

There are no classes in any Diablo games using Demonic magic, it is the force of Evil and everything any player character would want to fight. Throughout the history of Sanctuary, there has been a lot of cases of humans using demonic magic, usually ending in one catastrophe or another. There are "monsters" using these dark powers though:

Nature of Demonic Magic[edit | edit source]

Demonic spells are simple in nature; they are either used to damage something, hurt/corrupt someone or to bring forth something that will in the end hurt someone/something else.

Other Schools of Magic[edit | edit source]

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