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Reaper of Souls beta - v. - 16 January 2014. [1]

Below you will find the most current Closed Beta patch notes for Reaper of Souls.

ATTENTION: Please note that the Closed Beta also includes all changes from the PTR.

General[edit | edit source]

The amount of experience needed per level from 64 onward has been increased

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where Covetous Shen's unique side quest could not be completed
  • Fixed an issue where the Soul Crucibles in Gideon's Row and Nobles Rest could not be damaged by certain abilities during the quest "Orbs of Death"
  • Fixed an issue where the entrance to the Musty Cellar was floating in mid-air in front of Haedrig's cart in the Survivor's Enclave

Adventure Mode

  • Kadala, the Blood Shard vendor, now has a chance to randomly produce Legendaries when purchasing randomized items.
  • Lorath Nahr is now no longer a vendor.

Bounties[edit | edit source]

In Adventure Mode, each Act now rolls a random boss kill, dungeon clear, unique kill, event complete, and random non-boss bounty.

Nephalem Rifts[edit | edit source]

  • The Greater Horadric Cache has been removed
  • The loot that previously came from these bags will now drop from Rift Guardians.
  • Several changes have been made to Nephalem Rift maps

Bug Fixes

  • Kadala's inventory has been updated to include bows and crossbows
  • "Bounty: Kill Lurk" can now be completed
  • The shy female Lacuni who were refusing to jump down from their perches in the Caverns of Frost have been removed from Adventure Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where some lower level bounties were providing level 70 rewards

CLASSES[edit | edit source]

All skill changes listed above for the PTR apply to RoS as well.

Barbarian[edit | edit source]

Active Skills[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Avalanche to deal ~20% more damage than listed
  • Skill Rune - Snow-Capped Mountain
Increased the damage area width from 30 to 40 yards
Reduced the damage from 2000% to 1600% weapon damage
Increased damage from 2400% to 3000% weapon damage
Increased the randomness of the volcano damage targeting

Crusader[edit | edit source]

Active Skills[edit | edit source]

Akarat's Champion

  • Skill Rune - Fire Starter
  • Has been redesigned. Whenever the player spends 20 Wrath, they will explode with fire, dealing weapon damage to nearby enemies

Laws of Hope Cooldown increased to 45 seconds The active effect of the base skill and all runes no longer heals players and allies. Instead, it now puts a shield on all players for 3 seconds.

Laws of Justice Cooldown increased to 45 seconds Skill Rune – Faith’s Armor Now has a 3 second expiration timer on the shield

Laws of Valor Cooldown increased to 45 seconds

Passive Skills[edit | edit source]

Fantacism Has been renamed Righteousness

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

Heaven's Fury

An enemy can now only be targeted by a single beam

Laws of Hope

Crusaders with this skill rune activated will no longer be able to pass through sand doors in the Storm Halls and Unknown Depths

Demon Hunter[edit | edit source]

Active Skills[edit | edit source]


  • Vault will now trigger Side Cannons and Homing Rockets while Vengeance is active
  • Skill Rune - Dark Heart
Increased damage from 300% to 325% weapon damage per sec
No longer fires homing rockets
Changed damage type from Physical to Fire
This rune has been replaced with Side Cannons
Replaces the side guns with cannons that deal 150% weapon damage and heal you for 1.5% of maximum life per enemy hit

Witch Doctor[edit | edit source]

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]


  • Grave Injustice now correctly affects the cooldown of this skill

Wizard[edit | edit source]

Active Skills[edit | edit source]

Black Hole

Reduced Cold damage bonus per enemy hit to 3%

Passive Skills[edit | edit source]


  • Reduced damage bonus to 15%

Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • All Legendary crafting recipes now require a unique material
  • Unique crafting materials for Legendaries now only drop at level 70
  • Unique Legendary crafting materials now display as Rare quality (instead of Legendary quality)
  • The chance for a crafting plan to drop from Horadric Caches has been reduced.

Events[edit | edit source]

Cursed Chests

  • All Acts can now spawn Cursed Chests in many zones that may summon a handful of monsters, Champions, Rares, or even Bosses (these chests are different from "Wave" and "Horde" chest types)
  • These chests only appear in Adventure Mode
  • These chest events can be failed
  • These chest events cannot be Bounties
  • Chest rewards for these kinds of chests are currently being tuned

Infernal Machine

  • The Keywardens now spawn in both Campaign and Adventure Mode from level 60-70
  • Level 70 Keywardens now also have a small chance to drop a random key from other Acts

The following keys now drop at level 70 from Keywardens (these keys are used to craft the level 70 Infernal Machine device):

Key of Bones
Key of Gluttony
Key of War
Key of Evil

The Blacksmith can now craft the following level 70 devices:

The Infernal Machine of Bones
The Infernal Machine of Gluttony
The Infernal Machine of War
The Infernal Machine of Evil

The new Infernal Machine recipes now drop off any Keywardens at level 70

Level 70 Infernal Machine bosses now drop the following components (these items are used to craft the level 70 Hellfire Ring):

Leoric's Regret
Vial of Putridness
Idol of Terror
Heart of Evil

The Jeweler can now craft a level 70 version of the Hellfire Ring:

  • There is only one version of the new Hellfire Ring; when crafting, it will roll using the Smart Loot system for the character that crafted it
  • This crafting plan can be purchased from Squirt in Act II
  • The drop rates for level 70 keys and organs for the Infernal Machine event have temporarily been set to 100%.
  • This is to encourage testing in the next phase

Items[edit | edit source]

  • A new item affix has been added: +% damage to Piranhas
  • Death's Breath material now drops more frequently from Champion and Elite packs
  • Piro Marella (Crusader shield) is now a crafted item
  • Golden Scourge (Crusader flail) is now a crafted item

Legendary Items[edit | edit source]

Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander

  • Reduced chance on killing a demon to gain a Shrine buff from 2% to 0.5%

Alabaster Gloves

  • Now heals allies for 50% of health potion amount

Band of the Rue Chambers

  • Increased minimum Spirit Generation bonus from Spirit Generators to 60%

Cord of the Sherma

  • Increased internal cooldown to 10 seconds
  • Increased radius to 27.5 yards to match the visual effect

Eye of Peshkov

  • Increased minimum cooldown on Breath of Heaven roll to 38%

Falcon Wing

  • Now works on dodges


  • Increased minimum Lightning Rod weapon damage per second to 167%

The Furnace

  • Increased internal cooldown to 1 second

Golden Gorget of Leoric

  • Reduced Skeleton duration to 10 seconds

Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan

  • While stationary, the resource regeneration and damage is now reduced by 20-25%

The Laws of Seph

  • Increased Spirit gain on casting Blinding Flash from 45-60 to 75-100

The Magistrate

  • Increased coolup before Frost Nova to 4.5 seconds
  • Reduced cooldown between Frost Novas to 4.5 seconds
  • Reduced Freeze duration to 2 seconds

Mask of Lies

  • Now always rolls with +Maximum Arcane Power


  • Reduced party-wide healing amount on block from 100% to 20%-30% of the amount blocked

Schaefer’s Hammer

  • Increased the Lightning Damage roll to 30%-40%
  • Removed internal cooldown


  • Increased movement and attack speed slow to 30%
  • Increased proc chance to 60%
  • Fixed a bug where the proc chance wasn’t rolling against the triggering power’s proc scalar
  • Changed internal cooldown to 1 / Attacks Per Second
  • Increased maximum targets to 5

Thundergod's Vigor

  • No longer a Barbarian Belt and can roll for any class
  • Now rolls 150-200 Lightning Resist
  • Now rolls 10%-15% more damage with Lightning Skills

Trag’oul Coils

  • Will now also reduce all cooldowns by 45-60 seconds when you use a healing well, in addition to its previous effect of replenishing all resources

New Legendary[edit | edit source]

Halcyon's Ascent (may also be listed as "Strobe")

  • Rolls Primary stat, Cooldown Reduction, Increased Damage Against Elites 10%-15% and Reduced Damage From Elites 10%-15%

Legendary Power:

  • Barbarian – When you use Wrath of the Berserker, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Crusader – When you use Akarat’s Champion, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Demon Hunter – When you use Vengeance, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Monk – When you use Epiphany, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Witch Doctor – When you use Big Bad Voodoo, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Wizard – When you use Archon, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds

User Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Torment difficulties III-VI now have difficulty descriptions
  • The Waypoint UI now displays the appropriate gold/experience values for Bounty turn-in rewards.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Official Patch Patch notes - Blizzard Entertainment, 16/01/2014