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Divine magic is NOT actually an official term used by Blizzard in manuals or other lore to describe magic, but only used by DiabloWiki as a way to group up similar Schools of magic. The term is used to describe Schools of Magic given through divine means, like the high Heavens or the Burning Hells. To fully grasp the concept of Divine magics, it's good to have read about the general nature of magic first.

Divine Schools of Magics[edit | edit source]

These are the Schools of Magic that DiabloWiki classifies as "Divine":

Diablo Game Divine Magic[edit | edit source]

Several Diablo game classes use magic channelled through another entity or source of power. The effects of the magic is very different between types of Divine magic, and are very much subject to the nature of the source.

*Should possibly be called "Holy magic".

Nature of Divine Magic[edit | edit source]

The word "Divine" is a taken name by DiabloWiki in order to group the magic types that are very similar. It might end up like some other roleplaying system called "Channeling" or a similar name by Blizzard. While the nature of the magic differs wildly between the types (such as Holy magic and Demonic magic), they are given to a being in a similar ruleset of ways: The subject must be dedicated to the cause, and open him/herself to the power. Holy magic requires more dedication, but Demonic magic is likely to rip you to shreds, or give you a few more arms involuntary. Other "Holy" magic is what we call "Godly magic" as a more general term for the deities of Sanctuary, that likely are Nephalem, acting as gods. Nature magic requires an enduring and true friendship, and is possibly related to the Great Cycle of Being which Necromancers study. As for some type of Spiritual magic, there just isn't enough information to classify it or even confirm or deny that such a group exists, yet we have topics such as Life and Death that are closely related to it.

Other Schools of Magic[edit | edit source]

Arcane magic - Divine magic - Demonic magic - Godly magic - Holy magic - Nature magic - Spirit magic - Death magic - Life magic
Prime magic - Elemental magic - Fire magic - Lightning magic - Cold magic