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If you were looking for a complete list of categories, see: If you are here for learning a bit about categories and diablowiki structure, continue.

Structure[edit source]

Categories are essential to the structure of Diablowiki. A large part of what is searched in Diablowiki depends onthe use of categories. When adding pages to categories, add them in the largest yet most fitting category available.This article will help with that.

Keep in mind that the category structure is rather confusing at the moment and needs some organising, and that articles can fit into multiple categories

Adding Articles to Categories[edit source]

The line used for adding pages and images to categories is [[:Category:<category name here>]]. There should not be a need to create new categories, as plenty of them exist to cover all the topics here in Diablowiki.

If you need help with understanding where to put pages, use your best judgement. Alternatively, if you cannot decide, you can ask Elly or another dedicated editor where to put them.

Remember, when adding pages to a category, punctuation and grammar matter. For example, you will not successfully put a article about witch doctors into Category:Witch Doctor by typing Category: witch doctors.

Default Category:Root[edit source]

The "category to rule them all", is Category:Root. From here is where all other categories expand from. There should not be a need to add pages to this category.

Category:Content[edit source]

Category:Content is where most categories about Diablo start from. It includes all the categories that are about Diablo 3's content. Articles still do not need to be in this category, as they are covered by sub-categories.

Category:Basics[edit source]

Category:Basics is where general descriptions of topics, such as Acts, go. Acts would fit into this category, instead of into.

Category:Gameplay[edit source]

Category:Gameplay is another main category, specifically for diablo 3's gameplay. Again, it is unnecessary to put pages into this category, as most will fit into sub-categories.

Category:Classes[edit source]

Category:Classes is a general category for information regarding all classes. For example, a general page about skill runes would fit in this category, whereas information about Fury would belong in a class-specific section.

Other special class categories include:

Category:(Specific Classes)[edit source]

Category:Acts[edit source]

Category:Acts contains information relevant to all of Diablo 3's acts. Specific act categories contain information relevant to only one act. Even more specific categories, such as the Quests and Levels categories, contain specific information about specific quests and levels in each act.

Category:Quests[edit source]

Category:Quests should only contain act quest sub-categories and special quests, like the Infernal Machine, that cannot be bound to one act.

Category:Items[edit source]

Category:Items contains general articles about items and items not covered by a sub-category. Sub-categories include:

Category:Monsters[edit source]

Category:Monsters Contains information about monsters in diablo 3 not covered by a sub-category, or contains broad information about monsters. Some sub-categories are:

Category:Skills[edit source]

Category:Skills contains Diablo 3 skill information. Previously mentioned skill categories are sub-categories of this one.

Other Categories[edit source]

Category:Lore[edit source]

Category:Lore contains lore information for the diablo series. The major sub-categories are:

There are several other categories in this area, but they are, for the most part, covered by articles already in these sections.

Category:Guides[edit source]

  • Category:Guides - User-made guides for the Wiki. Guides might end up in multiple categories.

Category:Community[edit source]

Category:Community Contains community-related articles/categories.

Category:Games[edit source]

Category:Games Has general articles about the various diablo games.

Sources - Category:Sources[edit source]

Category:Sources has All types of Diablo information sources. Games, books, graphic novels, or similar products should be added to Category:Sources, the main sources category.

Category:DiabloWiki[edit source]

All articles used by DiabloWiki or its contributors should be added to Category:DiabloWiki, the main DiabloWiki category.

Images - Category:Images[edit source]

All image categories should be added to Category:Images, the main image category.

Some of these categories might go unused for a long time, but if the need arises, use these.

Final Words[edit source]

Adding a few final words here.

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