Alesar's Pendant

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Alesar's Pendant is a Diablo 3 quest. This quest is given by Alesar, an NPC found in the Enclave of Khamsim, located in The Stinging Winds surface area of Act II.

The Quest[edit | edit source]

This is one of the simpler quests in Diablo 3. It's a basic "retrieve the item" type adventure, in which the player must kill a huge Sand Thresher to retrieve Alesar's Pendant, which the monster swallowed when it consumed Alesar's son. Returning the pendent to Alesar earns a reward of experience and an item, plus a lot of vitriolic commentary.

Alesar[edit | edit source]

Sand Thresher.

Though this quest is very simple, it's made more interesting by the acerbic personality of Alesar himself. When play tested at the Blizzcon 2009 show, Alesar was always present in the Enclave of Khamsim. He always warned the player about the Dune Threshers in the area, but didn't always give the quest. In the limited play testing time it wasn't clear if the quest only spawned randomly in some games, or if there was some trigger required to enable it.

In any event, when the quest was live Alesar was clickable, and when spoken to gave the quest along with a lot of nasty dialogue. He was angry about his dead son, and not at all grieving. Alesar was very bitter about the boy's death, and he spoke at length about the burdens of children, how they gave no end of trouble, and how his son remained a vexation even in death.

According to Alesar, his son had been killed and eaten by a Sand Thresher, one so large it could, "swallow a wagon whole." Alesar didn't want his son avenged; he just wanted the amulet his son had been wearing when he died, since it was a family heirloom.

The large (but not huge) Sand Thresher was found in a clearing in the desert not far from town, and once defeated (after a difficult, but not especially dangerous battle) it dropped items/gold randomly, plus always dropped Alesar's pendant. This was a quest item, with the usual Diablo 3 green name, and could not be equipped by the player. (Thus giving no choice between wearing it for its stats, or returning it for the quest reward.)

When the item was returned to Alesar he was not grateful, but just went on another diatribe about his worthless son and how at least now he could stop worrying about the idiot child. He did eventually give the character a rare item and some experience as a quest reward.