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I don't like all the historical notes etc, so I dumped all that. See User:Vipermagi/Skill2 for a version with all the history attached (it's a mdified version of the current Skill article).
I left in the note that currently the game is designed on specialising in 1 tree; We haven't seen the new skill screen, so we don't know if the passives that boost a single tree are gone. They can still exist, since although the tiers are unified, trees are not.
Other changes include a lack of 100 quotes (mainly because I cut out the historical notes, as already stated), some references to other articles for more information (Links do that too), notes under every header that it's prone to changes (made a note on the top of the page). --Vipermagi 21:03, 10 August 2009 (CEST)

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