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A trifecta items is a pair of gloves, a ring, or an amulet with that rolled with three most-desired offensive stats in Diablo III. Such items are extremely powerful, and commanded very high prices on the Auction House.

While fans still refer to "trifecta" items in Reaper of Souls, game changes have lowered the desirability of Attack Speed, while making other modifiers (such as +damage and +mainstat) much more valuable.

The classic Trifecta in Diablo 3 vanilla:

Dream Gear[edit | edit source]

Items with the trifecta stats and other useful mods were called quadfecta or quinfecta in Diablo 3.

Even in D3v, the terminology and values of the various trifecta stats were far from absolute. Depending on build and skills and gear, some characters derived more benefit from a big bonus to their mainstat than from an Attack Speed boost. Also note that the range of the modifiers varies greatly; an end game amulet can roll from 5-10% ChC and 50-100% ChD; one with a good roll can literally have as much as a bad roll amulet plus a ring.

Trifecta Weapons[edit | edit source]

While a good roll to damage is essential for any weapon to be top quality, there are two other mods that are almost essential on weapons in Loot 2.0. The weapon trifecta is thus:

  • A good roll to damage.
  • A socket
  • +Mainstat

Prior to Loot 2.0, Life Steal and Critical Hit Damage were extremely valuable on weapons, but with Life Steal disabled above level 60 and Critical hit Damage only spawning on a few legendary weapons, neither stat is much in evidence in Reaper of Souls or D3v2.

A trifecta on these gloves priced at 1,000,000,000 in the Americas GAH in December 2012. The huge bonus to Intelligence makes them a quadfecta, and the +pickup radius also adds greatly to the value.