The Killing Floor

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The Killing Floor appears in the Westmarch Commons in Act V. Once you enter this room, you discover 4 dead bodies lying on the floor. The one that is sparkling corresponds to Captain Stokely's body. Clicking on it allows Captain Stokely's ghost to appear. As part of the "A Shameful Death" event, you will be asked to kill Captain Stokely's former soldiers. Once this is done, you can talk again to Captain Stokely's ghost that has now moved up the stairs. This time you are asked to dispose of Uzkez the Annihilator that killed Stokely's men.

Map (v2.0.6)
Dead bodies are what you find when entering the Killing Floor (v2.0.6)

Access to Levels[edit | edit source]

Events in The Killing Floor[edit | edit source]

Common Monsters found in The Killing Floor[edit | edit source]

Special Monsters found in The Killing Floor[edit | edit source]

Notable NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Ghost of Captain Stokely

Dialogs in The Killing Floor[edit | edit source]

Ghost of Captain Stokely: "Champion, a reaper killed us all. I panicked and failed my men. Now, thy are soulless husks."
Ghost of Captain Stokely: "Only my spirit was able to resist the call of Malthael. Please, put them to rest and end my shame."

After the soldiers are slayed...
Ghost of Captain Stokely: "The reaper that killed my men is outside, in the courtyard. Please, slay it - for all of us."

After Uzkez the Annihilator is killed...
Ghost of Captain Stokely: "Thank you! Nothing can bring back my men, but revenge dulls the pain."

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

The Killing Floor is in some way involved in the "Sightseeing" and "The Tourists" Achievements.

Gallery[edit | edit source]