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Material/Archive is an archived article about material previously included in Diablo 3. However, it has currently been removed or the article contains outdated facts. The information is stored in Diablo Wiki for posterity. Please note: Links in this article lead to both updated and archived material.

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    February 2014
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Archived info from the system in the game during Diablo 3 vanilla. The initial materials system ran from from launch in May 2012 until Diablo 3 version 2 went live in February 2014, with several minor additions and modifications during that time. The info below is no longer current and many of the materials no longer exist; all the obsolete types of material were transformed into the new materials when D3v2 went live.

There are nine materials in total. Each difficulty level has its own magic material and its own rare material. Inferno alone has a legendary material. An item always yields materials of the difficulty level its item level corresponds to: item levels 1–30 are Normal, 31–50 are Nightmare, 51–59 are Hell, and 60–63 are Inferno.

  • Magic items have a 100% chance to yield a magic material and a 15% chance to also yield a rare material.
  • Rare items have a 100% chance to yield both a magic material and a rare material.
  • Legendary and set items have a 100% chance to yield three rare materials. On Inferno, one of these Iridescent Tears is swapped for a Fiery Brimstone.

Materials cannot be converted or upgraded.

Character level of crafted items using each material
Icon Material Magic Rare Set Legendary
IconMaterialSubtleEssence.png Subtle Essence (db) 3–27 23–27 20–22 19–25
IconMaterialFallenTooth.png Fallen Tooth (db) 15–27 25–27 20–22 19–25
IconMaterialShimmeringEssence.png Shimmering Essence (db) 29–41 30–46 30–41 30–44
IconMaterialLizardEye.png Lizard Eye (db) None 30–46 30–41 30–40
IconMaterialWishfulEssence.png Wishful Essence (db) 51–57 51–59 52–55 50–57
IconMaterialEncrustedHoof.png Encrusted Hoof (db) None 51–59 52–55 50–57
IconMaterialExquisiteEssence.png Exquisite Essence (db) 60 60 60 60
IconMaterialIridescentTear.png Iridescent Tear (db) None 60 60 60
IconMaterialFieryBrimstone.png Fiery Brimstone (db) None None 60 60
Icon tome of blacksmithing.png Tome of Blacksmithing (db) None 51–59 52–55 50–57
Icon tome of secrets.png Tome of Secrets (db) None 60 60 60

Material table[edit | edit source]

Rarity Normal Nightmare Hell Inferno Description
Magic IconMaterialSubtleEssence.png Subtle Essence IconMaterialShimmeringEssence.png Shimmering Essence IconMaterialWishfulEssence.png Wishful Essence IconMaterialExquisiteEssence.png Exquisite Essence Artisans through the ages have relied on magic materials to enhance and create powerful items.
Rare IconMaterialFallenTooth.png Fallen Tooth IconMaterialLizardEye.png Lizard Eye IconMaterialEncrustedHoof.png Encrusted Hoof IconMaterialIridescentTear.png Iridescent Tear Artisans through the ages have relied on rare materials to enhance and create powerful items.
Legendary IconMaterialFieryBrimstone.png Fiery Brimstone Artisans through the ages have relied on exotic materials to enhance and create powerful items.

All materials in D3v could stack up to 100, apart from Tomes which can go up to 1,000.