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The Rarest Legendary Items

Legendary Hand Crossbow smart drop odds, pre-Patch 2.1.2.

All legendary items are weighted to drop as a % of the items of that type. The game first selects a type of item for a legendary drop, then picks which item of that type will drop. If a Smart Drop (about 15% of all drops are not smart and are totally random) then the weighting is applies to determine which of the items of that type will drop.

Items obtained via gambling with Blood Shards is always "Smart" and characters will never get random legendary items that way.

Prior to Patch 2.1.2, all items were weighted as 1/1, 1/2, 1/5, or 1/10 odds to drop from a Smart Drop. The following items were all the rarest, at 1/10th chance of dropping. This was relative odds to other items of that type. See the Hand Crossbow drop odds in the table to the right for an example. Calamity was weighted at 1/10, Natalya's Slayer and K'Mar Tenclip were weighted at 1/2, and all the rest were 1/1, which is what determines the overall odds of each item dropping. (There were no hand crossbows set to 1/5 drop rate, though Calamity is post-v2.1.2.)

The following items were all the rarest to drop, all set to 1/10th rarity, prior to Patch 2.1.2, which boosted all the drop rates of these items to the next tier at 1/5. (One exception: The Star of Azkaranth was initially set to 1/50 drop rate, the only item with such scarcity in the entire game.)



Off Hand:


Item types not listed do not have any ultra-rare items in them. For instance, none of the Monk Firsts, Barbarian Mighty Weapons, Crusader Flails, etc, are that uncommon in their drop odds.

No armor piece set items are ultra-rare or rare in frequency. (Though some of the swords and rings are.)