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A Fleeting Shrine provides a boost to character's movement speed. The shrine also provides a +25 yard bonus to a character's gold and health orb pick up radius.

While this is generally the most popular shrine for the movement speed bonus and easy gold pickup, some players dislike it since it makes it nearly impossible to avoid unneeded health globes, saving them for possible emergency use later.

  • Fleeting Shrines were added to the game in Patch 1.0.5.

A Fan Favourite[edit]

Fleeting Shrines were easily the most popular amongst fans in a vote on Diablo.IncGamers.com in November 2012. [1]

Which is your favorite shrine in Diablo III?
  • Fleeting Shrine (Faster run, +pickup radius) -- 50%, 1,207 Votes
  • Frenzied Shrine (Faster Attack) -- 21%, 510 Votes
  • Empowered Shrine (Faster regen / shorter cooldowns) -- 15%, 366 Votes
  • Fortune Shrine (+25% MF/GF) -- 5%, 122 Votes
  • Enlightened Shrine (+25% Exp gain) -- 5%, 113 Votes
  • Protection Shrine (Reduces incoming damage by 25%) -- 2%, 57 Votes
  • Not sure/no opinion. -- 2%, 48 Votes

Total Voters: 2,423

A Demon Hunter with a shrine buff.

Types of Shrines[edit]

Pylons are super shrines found only in Rifts. They grant larger bonuses for a short 30 second duration.


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