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This is the policies page of DiabloWiki that all contributing members are expected to follow. Most of these policies work exactly like other wikis.

Articles[edit source]

When making new articles, check the current boilerplates to see how to structure the actual article.

Standard Article Structure[edit source]

If there are no boilerplates available for your article, use this simple structure:

  • Brief introduction (*). 1-2 lines of text, starting with the name of the article, in bold text. Just make an extremely brief explanation of the article.
  • Game information (**). Add any information available on the topic for the actual game. Can be quite extensive, use subsections.
  • Background/Lore (**). Add the "Universe" perspective. Can be quite extensive, use subsections.
  • Older games. Add info referring to older games in the series.
  • Development. Add any other information relating to the development of this topic.
  • Trivia. If there are any links to funny/Easter egg information, add here.
  • Media. Add images, a wiki gallery and links to other media.
  • Related Links. Add any links that are closely related to the topic.
  • References (*). List the sources used in the creation of the article.

  • (*) = Very important.
  • (**) = At least one of these. Can be switched around.

Long Articles[edit source]

If an article starts to become too long (if you get a warning when trying to save), you should consider moving out sections to separate articles. If you do so, keep a small section with a brief description of the topic left, either as its own section or as part of another heading. You should also make sure to link back to the original article, as they most likely will be related.

Categories[edit source]

Make sure any article or category you create fits nicely into the DiabloWiki category structure.

Headlines[edit source]

Headlines are used as normal. The main headline look like this: "== Headline ==", and all subheaders add one equal sign on each side to create a headline structure.

Titles[edit source]

  • Capitalisation
    Titles in a wiki use lower case letters on all pages that are not named after a name, so that they easily can be added in sentences.DiabloWiki automatically change the first letter of any title to a capital letter. Please ignore that since it's just capitalised like a first word of a sentence would be, it's not really part of the title.

    Only use capital letters in any page title if it's a name.

  • Singular
    Pages are almost exclusively used in singular. Use the singular form for making new articles in all cases it's possible.The reason is again to allow easy use of the links in sentences. This does not apply to Categories.

  • Name Conflicts
    When more than one thing exist with the same name, make a disambiguation. When you name the new articles, use this standard:Keep the main usage without parenthesis, and let the secondary or outdated usage display what they belong to - in this case the specific game.

  • Categories
    All categories are exceptions to the above. They use the plural version of the word, since they contain multiple other articles.
  • Game Names
    On a page, you can name the Diablo games in any way you want: "Diablo I", "Diablo 2", "Diablo III" etc. However, the official DiabloWiki game names used in titles are:
  • Redirects
    When a title for a page is made, make sure to redirect plurals and other variations of the spelling to the main article, so that when people randomly make links, they will links somewhere, even if the link needs to be fixed later. Also good for links made from forums, blogs etc.

  • Exceptions
    There are exceptions to the above, but let more experienced editors deal with those.

Navboxes[edit source]

Standard navbox navigation, if using more than one, should be:

  1. Navigation for the topic you are on. For example, if it is skill, then the skill tree for that skill.
  2. Over-all navigation. If it's a skill then show the navigation for all skills for all classes.
  3. Secondary navigation. If needed, add a box for even further overviewing navigation.

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