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Reaching a given level in Hardcore[edit]

Reaching levels in Hardcore 001.jpg
Name Points Description Banner
Rite of Passage (Hardcore) - icon 1.jpg
Rite of Passage (Hardcore)
10 Reach level 10 in Hardcore mode
Immortal (Banner Shape) 001.jpg

Mighty and Magical (Hardcore) - icon 1.jpg
Mighty and Magical (Hardcore)
10 Reach level 20 in Hardcore mode
Left Stripe (Banner Pattern) 001.jpg

Left Stripe
Demon Slayer (Hardcore) - icon 1.jpg
Demon Slayer (Hardcore)
10 Reach level 30 in Hardcore mode
Imperial Crown (Banner Accent) 001.jpg

Imperial Crown
Fearless Veteran (Hardcore) - icon 1.jpg
Fearless Veteran (Hardcore)
10 Reach level 40 in Hardcore mode
Dark Rider (Banner Sigil) 001.jpg

Dark Rider
Forged in Fire (Hardcore) - icon 1.jpg
Forged in Fire (Hardcore)
10 Reach level 50 in Hardcore mode
Hero of Sanctuary (Hardcore) - icon 1.jpg
Hero of Sanctuary (Hardcore)
10 Reach level 60 in Hardcore mode
Above & Beyond (Hardcore) - icon 1.jpg
Above & Beyond (Hardcore)
10 Reach level 70 in Hardcore mode
Sickles (Banner Sigil) 001.jpg


Kill Rare enemies in Hardcore[edit]

Name Points Description Banner
Trophy Hunting - icon 1.jpg
Trophy Hunting
10 Kill each type of rare enemy in Hardcore mode (see list below)
Hell Steed (Banner Sigil) 001.jpg

Hell Steed
Trophy Hunting - list 1.jpg

Kill Champion enemies in Hardcore[edit]

Name Points Description Banner
We are the Champions - icon 1.jpg
We are the Champions
10 Kill each type of champion in Hardcore mode (see list below)
Deceiver (Banner Sigil) 001.jpg

We are the Champions - list 1.jpg

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