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About Comm Portal Talk and the Delowyn page[edit source]

Hey mate!

Nice work on the Delowyn page. I hope you don't mind the few updates I made! =)

Also. On the Comm Portal Talk, you were kind enough to correct a few typos. Just gonna say that talk pages are basically only for messages, and the only place where you don't fix typos, as they are people's messages. =) So, even on your own typos, you should avoid fixing them, unless you notice it directly after posting.

If there is anything you'd like to do and feel unsure, check out the Help section I made, or just leave a message on my talk page, or PM or mail me, whatever. =) --Leord 16:04, 23 January 2009 (CET)

Lol, so I make a typo myself when posting. Well, I fixed it. =) --Leord 16:08, 23 January 2009 (CET)

Redirects gone[edit source]

Hey. Removed the redirect from your user page to Delowyn. Check out my post about it there. I also moved your Fallne pic in the Fallen Shaman article a little, and acced it to the Fallen article. Do you think you could strip him of jewellery and just make a Scimitar and buckler for him, so we also have a regular fallen? --Leord 13:28, 1 April 2009 (CEST)