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WitchDoctor is a player who had played diablo for a while, although no longer uses this name in any situation. For the class, see Witch Doctor. This page is for some background information on the player.


Diablo I[edit]

Diablo 1 was, and still is, my favorite for the atmosphere and the gameplay. I'm not like most who play the series; the lore > loot. Rogue (a bit cheesy, I know) is my class of choice, or the "Rogue Mage" considering all the spells I use in conjunction with arrows.

Diablo II[edit]

Diablo 2's a game I've played for quite some time... still play, in fact, including with a few single-player hardcore characters with weird builds these days (melee sorc in hardcore? You bet). On Bnet, alas, most of my characters have vanished, as have all my collections of gear over the years. As such, I'm left with my singleplayer chars, the highest level still existing being a level 67 druid. I might pop back into at some point; I've already started up singleplayer, so why not.

Diablo III[edit]

Diablo 3's where the username WitchDoctor came from, mostly as a result of being unoriginal at the time (WitchDoctor#1834). My main chars were a wizard and a demon hunter, the wizard (Assur) being my main. I had a few more lower end characters.

I played from the early days of D3, before RoS, removal of the RMAH, rifts, one-build-characters... the game was far from perfect, but I rather liked it. I threw out items to lower level folks, gave them all my money, basically shot myself in the foot for going up to high levels. Diablo's story has always been an appeal to me, and I was never too fond of where Diablo 3 took it. Reaper of Souls marked the end for me, and it was kicked off my hard drive. I haven't downloaded again it or purchased the expansion, and in all honesty probably won't short of someone flat out giving me a copy. I'd play it if I got it, perhaps, but I don't feel like spending money on it. Who knows. My stance may change.

The last time I logged in was February 2014; I moved over to Starcraft for a while, then moved out of blizzard games in favor of stompy mechs in an entirely opposite universe. No regrets.


Overall? Too many. Right here, just one, which is mostly to do little improvements to this place bit by bit.


Well, I'm here now, so that indicates I still pay some attention (Hi Elly). 2014 was my peak, spent mostly on Diablo 3, but now I'm here to focus attention on Diablo 2 and Diablo 1, mostly to check for errors, make writing more consistent and identify areas that could use the most attention. Just a little update here and there, you know? :p

Late 2013 I got the title "DiabloWiki.Net Ink Slinger" Diablo Incgamers (Yes, that site right next door that isn't called Incgamers anymore). Spambots used to be fun, I would take their wall of spam and throw in some insulting, derisive or otherwise rude comment to the spammer in question before the registration system got an overhaul.

TLDR: Hi. I'm here.

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