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This is an ongoing fan fiction based in The Dark Library. It is about the library's current curator Kristof Williams and his assistant James Leordes.

Background[edit | edit source]

This story is about the current Curator of the Justanian IV Library of Lore & Lost Antiquity also nicked named "the Dark Library" because of it's past and situations about it being haunted. The story starts out as the curator greets guests who come for visits to the library and get a tour of the place. There is much renovation and constriction going on. Scars from it's past that have gone in dis-repair over the years. The curator talks about it's known history and reads some previews of new chapters from current writers and tales from old lost books recovered and restored. There are also books he showcases that reveal lost cultures and myths of old demons and beasts. He had the old book rebound and retitled it: The Tome of Lost Cultures and Creatures of Sanctuary.

While he greets his guests on a regular basis he also scours the library's old forgotten and lost wings in search of the library's lost past and history. The only records currently kept have been since the failed attack from King Leoric and his armies. The rest has been said to have been burned or lost forever. But Kristof is a stubborn man and still thinks there is something down there and something more to this old library.

There must be a reason if the library is funded by the King of Westmarch himself and his family. But while Kristof is dealing with finding the library's past he is also learning more about other things. He had recieved a letter from an old acquaintance about some old artifact and needed Kristof to look in the library's old archives to see if anything could have been discovered about this object.

More to come...

Characters[edit | edit source]

This is a currntly growing list of characters for this story.

  • Unknown Archivist - A mysterious archivist who gave an old forgotten lost book to Kristof's assistant James.
  • Kristof Williams - The current Curator and Head Librarian of "The Dark Library".
  • James Leordes - Kristof's assistant; who helps him take care of the guests and visitors who come to the library.
  • Justanian IV - The current King of Westmarch and funs the library as it slowly gets repaired and renovated.

Story[edit | edit source]

A quick summary of where the story is so far.

"The Dark Library" as it has been called by some due to it's lost history shroud in darkness that even the last few curators don't even know who founded the place but know that it must be maintained.

Funds from the royal family of Westmarch prove that it is a place of great importance to Westmarch. It survived some of the damages wrought by the failed attack of King Leoric and his armies before they fled.

It survived years of ware and disrepair. Some say now that the place is haunted or has some demonic past deep within its long lost forgotten wings that go deep within the mountain side that the library rests near.

Frequently visited by many folk from across sanctuary to learn of the lost stories, lore and even try to find a way to identify old forgotten relics and artifacts.

It's current Curator and Head Librarian Kristof Williams with his assistant James Leordes. Try and accommodate the visitors as they come in. Usually with previews of some of the more recently published chapters of books and sometimes long lost stories that were forgotten in time but found.

Recently Kristof tried to find the lost past of the dark library by searching deep in the mid lower levels of the library where all you see over-taking the walls are giant roots from nearby ancient trees outside town. The ground moist with mold and mossy-like plants.

With cracks in some of the walls you could feel a faint wind blowing and they say you could hear voices in the wind down there. Hence why people think the old library is haunted due to its forgotten past.

What brought him down here you may be asking. A mysterious man had brought a long lost book to Kristof's assistant James one day. A book thought to have been lost for many decades and all but forgotten.

That drove Kristof into a long search in some of the library's few surviving archives. He gained clues and the lead him down to this old wing. He also encountered this breeze that at one point became a huge gust of wind that sent him to the ground. There he found another lost book that may hold clues about the library.

A few weeks after he had recovered this book he had an encounter with a spirit. The one that sent him to the ground deep in that old wing. The spirit did not reveal who he was but that in time he would. But that time was not right. The spirit also told Kristof to not open that book until the time was right and when he would understand the information within it's old pages.

Now Kristof keeps it sometimes on his desk in his office when he is there, and then puts it away under lock and key when he leaves to greet the many visitors who come see the library every day.

After all these situations and troubles Kristof receives a letter and it has him worried. He asks James to watch over the library lobby and that he would not like to have any visitors for the next few hours.

James agrees as Kristof goes off to his office. But before James could close down the library's main lobby he was greeted by another group of guests. This time he would do the job that Kristof did because he cannot send away guests who have already been let in.

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