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Use the table below to determined what an unidentified item will be when it has been identified.[1]

Item Level Daggers Ceremonial Knives Polearms Spears Axes Two-Handed Axes Maces Two-Handed Maces Swords Two-Handed Swords
63 Darkblade Veil Piercer Dread Lance Centurion Arch Decapitator Demolisher Doom Hammer Rune Warlord
62 Piercer Flesh Ripper Grand Halberd Vel Galraki Sagaris Crag Hammer Slag Hammer Conquest Oni Blade
61 Basilard Exquisite Knife War Thresher Qiang Reaver Ripper Goedendag War Maul Saif Colossus Blade
Item Level Daibos Fist Weapons Mighty Weapons Two-Handed Mighty Weapons Staves Wands Hand Crossbows Bows Crossbows
63 Guru Staff Heaven Hand Slayer Titan Axe Sovereign Desolator Exorcists Revenant Hellion
62 Zhezl Golden Talon Massascre Axe Behemoth Mythical Strike Impellor Phantom Doomcaster
61 Grand Taiji Pulverizer Chopsword Titan Sword Conquest Archmage Runic Arcus Sniper Stonebow
Item Level Helms Spirit Stones Voodoo Masks Wizard Hats Chests Cloaks Shoulders Belts Mighty Belts
63 Archon Crown - - - Archon Armor - Archon Spaulders High Scabbard -
62 Sovereign Star Crown Deva Elder Hat Sovereign Mail Dread Cloak Pallium Heaven Strand Grand Chain
61 Hellscape Mask Ghost Sight Manitou Mask Archmage Headpiece Doom Armor Stalker Cape Doom Pauldrons Girdle Heavy Baldric
Item Level Pants Gloves Bracers Boots Shields Mojos Sources Quivers
63 Archon Faulds Archon Gauntlets Razorspikes Archon Greaves Sacred Shield - -
62 Sovereign Tassets Sovereign Vambraces Armplates Sovereign Greaves Dread Shield Kurastian Asp Demi Lich Santified Quiver
61 Schynbalds Stranglers Armguards Doom Treads Aegis Unspeakable Thing Orbit Stones Runic Quiver
Item Level Enchantress Focus Scoundrel Token Templar Relic
60 Herb Dust Satchel Grail
57 Cauldron Brooch Saint Tears
54 Oculus Diamond Razor Blade Remnant

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