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Travelling in Diablo 3 is a straight forward affair. There are various ways to travel quickly across the game world available to all classes. Some skills enable certain classes to travel short distances across the game screen to evade or execute an attack.

Methods of Travel[edit | edit source]

  • Waypoints - These form a network of jump points allowing players to instantly teleport between. The first one is in New Tristram, Act 1, and the next is located in Old Tristram and will be available to jump to once the player has reached it. This is the case with all Waypoints, they activate once reached. They are free to travel between and there is no cooldown period when using.
  • Town Portal - This becomes a player ability after completing a quest early on in the game. It is not a physical thing, such as a scroll or stone, it simply becomes a button on the player's belt that they activate. There is a short cast duration so if using it to evade attack the player will need to find a safe location first. The cast can be interrupted if the player comes under attack.
  • Checkpoints - These are 'save points' that enable the player to spawn back at when they die, fully healed and with all their gear equipped. They are invisible points in the game usually at level entrances and become active when reached. Players can not access Checkpoints and elect which one to spawn at, it is always the last one reached.
  • Ferry - There is a ferry point in New Tristram that will take you to Wortham. It is not active in the Beta although it is manned by a Ferryman. It is not known if, when it is activated, it instantly teleports as with a Waypoint or Town Portal or players watch their characters sail up a river or a cutscene plays.
  • Banner - Primarily to display the achievements of a player, the banner also acts as a teleport device allowing party members to instantly travel to the location of other players via their Banner which sits in town.

Skills that Enable Travel[edit | edit source]