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Diablo III Quest [e]
The Fallen Star

Act I

Initiated by: Captain Rumford
Where: New Tristram gate
Final goal: Kill the Wretched Queen
Length: Short
NPC's encountered: Leah
Reward: n/a
Lore items: Wretched Mother bestiary entry
Required: Yes
Quest Chain
Previous: Unknown
Leads to: Unknown

{{Questbox D3
|portrait=  quest portrait image
|name=      name of quest
|act=       act you receive it in
|starter=   who or what gives you the quest
|where=     where you receive the quest
|goal=      quest objective
|length=    short, medium or long
|npcs=      npcs you interact with during the quest
|reward=    quest reward
|lore=      further lore information
|required=  quest compulsory or not yes/no
|previous=    previous quest
|next=    leads to next quest

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{{Questbox D3

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