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Guild [e]
Holy Knights of Westmarch
- Since 1998 -
Realm(s): USWest
Leader(s): Shadon
Playstyle: PvE
Level: Any
Other reqs: Paladin-only
Members: 50 or less
Founder(s): Esotar|ous
Founded: 17 - 09 - 1998
Website: http://hkw.diabloii.net/
Recruitment: Closed

Use this template on guild pages. Just add all the variables as stated below to the best of your abilities, and comment out the sections you do not need.

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|portrait=        Filename. Automatically set to D3 logo.
|portrait-width=  If different than 200px, set width here.
|name=            If different than article title, set here.
|anno=            The YEAR guild was founded.
|month=           Month of founding. Delete if unknown.
|day=             Day of founding. Delete if unknown.
|realm=           The Realm(s) the guild is located on.
|leader=          Name of current Guild Leader(s).
|style=           PvE or PvE - link it!
|level=           Minimum level requirement, or "Any".
|req=             E.g. "Paladin-only", or "None".
|members=         Exact, or about how many actual members.
|founder=         Name of founder.
|web=             URL of webpage.
|recruit=         Is recruitment "Open" or "Closed"?
|catexclude=      Normally not used. Delete unless you know what it's for.