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Game [e]
Diablo I
Developer(s): Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s): Blizzard Entertainment
Designer(s): Erich Schaefer
Composer(s): Matt Uelmen
Series: Diablo series
Genre(s): ARPG
Release date(s): 1996
Platform(s): PC / Mac
Engine: 2D, inhouse
System requirements: Windows PC
Windows 95, 60 MHz Pentium, 8 MB RAM (16 MB for multiplayer), SVGA-compatible graphics card, 2X CD-ROM drive

Mac OS
Power Macintosh, 8 MB RAM with virtual memory, System 7.5 or higher, 2X CD-ROM drive
Controls: Mouse, Keyboard
Rating(s): 15+ to 16+
Score: Unknown

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