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  1. From the Quest Selection screen take quest No. 4. Reign of the Black King > The Royal Crypts.
  2. Take the waypoint from Tristram to Cathedral, level 3
  3. Work your way down through level 4 to The Royal Crypts
  4. Run past the ghostly sword; no need to play the scripted scene.
  5. When the ghost of the Skeleton King appears, ignore him and go right past him through one of the side gates and to the very back of the Royal Crypts and on to the Crypt of the Skeleton King.
  6. Once the Skeleton King is dead exit the game and Resume Game at the menu to restart outside of the crypt doorway again to try to earn his achievements.

Special Notes:

  • Playing the ghostly sword scene or fighting the skeleton minions at the four pillars has no impact on the quest line so you're able to pass by them.
  • If you want to do the Destroyer of Destiny achievement you will of course need to stop at the four pillars.